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Veronica Eveland
May 25 at 1:13pm

need a cdl driver that can do maintenance call 319-325-6670
Crys'tal Jean
May 24 at 1:40pm

Weeding the garden! I have openings in games! Good route, beautiful games, nice pay and nice leaving quarters!
If you aren't a Prima donna..and are looking to make money give me a call!!

Call Crystal for more information-
Suzette Mcknight
May 24 at 4:54pm

Help wanted in games call 215 327 8887 or 215327 8889 on Powers.Must pass drug test.
Jack Wolfe
May 24 at 10:29am


Friendly collector looking for quality Fairground memorabilia, Art work, Old Rides, Glass mirrors, props, posters anything taken into consideration etc

Have a look through your yards barns and lorry bodies, ask an elderly family member, Feel free to call me with information or message me on Facebook and I will aim to respond as soon as possible. Thank you.
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Gary Williams
May 23 at 10:04pm

Three state fair need agents mini and balloons. No pull up running all run. clerk's one ball, break bottles,and midrange top pay.
limit bunk space and no bus ticket!
Let's make money 712-253-9959 ask for jimmy
Carnytown via Facebook

HELP WANTED: Season is kicking off strong, still have holes to fill. Water race mic guy, bank-a-ball, PVC, mini ball, balloons, golf fish, ring-a-bottle, basketball, one ball and more. Travel Windy City amusements, Chicago area, short jumps. No bus tickets, no collections, no kooks, no drugs, no drama. Free bunks available. Message me or call (830) 491-7081



Ferris Pfeffer
May 23 at 12:53pm

It's that time of year again folks!!
'The Traveling Freak Sideshow' is now currently booking events for this fair season.
Looking for A Family friendly museum walk thur attraction ???
We can fill 50ft at your events,we r flexible nd negotiable of course!! Also we can add live performances or even human oddities apon request!! No tricks or illusion this show is truly family friendly!
Ferris (610)587_1332
Joshua (484)258_8027
Carnytown via Facebook

Carnival Features Rides, Fried Food, and Bingo to Support Boalsburg Fire Company

State College, PA - Carnival Features Rides, Fried Food, and Bingo to Support Boalsburg Fire Company

Memorial Day weekend is all about remembering the soldiers who passed away fighting for our country, but that doesn't mean there can't be some fun had in their honor.

Joshua Edmonds and Kirk Town joined Carnytown - Carnival Midway Showmen's Network
dongfang posted a blog post
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How do you think a vegetarian vendor will do at the State Fair?

Strong Hearts Café to become first all-vegan/vegetarian food vendor at the State Fair

Central New Yorkers and other visitors will be able to take a break from the hot dogs and hamburgers traditionally associated with the State Fair when the Strong Hearts…

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The funny thing about Maple Leaf and Highland Park: I didn't even expect them there! I was coming off of work (Eastland Mall), went to donate plasma, and went shopping at Forman Mills (down the street). I went to the grocery store and looked to my right, and suddenly ... WHAM! There was a spot.. so I wondered... what show is that and why at Woodward and Manchester?? After leaving from the store, I got a closer view... and I saw certain rides... I saw that Festival Wheel and thought to…

john paul fishovitz is now a member of Carnytown - Carnival Midway Showmen's Network
Game Help Wanted
Help needed for Bank a Ball, Balloons, Mini Ball,Long Range,Duck Pond.Call Dale 614-316-9852 DC Spring Fair RFK Stadium Washington DC, Fairfax Fair Fairfax Va
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I SPOTTED MAPLE LEAF!!! But... Highland Park? They're at Woodward and Manchester.

A.J. the Thrillseeker

I SPOTTED MAPLE LEAF!!! But... Highland Park? They're at Woodward and Manchester.


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